YAHOO LIFESTYLE – The Sweet Potato… in a nutshell

An article for Yahoo Lifestyle on sweet potatoes, everybody's favourite root vegetable...

Another piece about root vegetables for Yahoo Lifestyle. This one’s on the sadly neglected but absurdly delicious and extra-versatile sweet potato.

I interviewed David Domoney, a TV presenter/man who knows things about gardening – who shared some tips on how to grow your own sweet potatoes. I also interviewed Anthony Cumberbatch, one of the UK’s most highly awarded Caribbean chefs, who shared some recipe ideas.

Both of these guys gave me tons of great information, but the word count was just too short to really get into what they had to share.

Disclaimer: This has been subbed so much that I’m not too sure where my text actually went. It’s in there somewhere. But you can kinda see where I was going with it…

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