YANO – Dragon Taming and Overparenting

A piece for Yano that explores the phenomenon of 'overparenting' - AKA helicopter parenting in the USA

Another piece I wrote for the societally conscious and extra conscientious Yano, about ‘overparenting’. The idea? Some people don’t give their children enough autonomy, and this is not good for the development of the child.

In America they call it ‘helicopter parenting’ – and it refers especially to parents who invade the lives of their children once they’ve moved away to college, hovering over them like helicopters. And some of the stuff these people do seems absurd to me. For examples – Google ‘helicopter parenting’.

Actually a really good example of this would be the 1992 Stallone film, ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’ – though Sly’s character seemed to have turned out pretty well, despite the ‘overparenting’. Hah!

Again, we have some commentary from an assortment of excellent experts.

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