YAHOO! LIFESTYLE – The Ultimate Fast Full Body Workout

An article for Yahoo Lifestyle on fast home workouts using only a barbell and a few extras.

The floodgates are open…

I’ve written my first piece about physical training and exercise, authored solely by me, and not an ‘acknowledged expert’.

I’ve been thinking about getting a qualification as a personal trainer for a while now. Maybe this is another step closer.

Anyway, this article talks about the fun you can have in your garden/garage with a barbell and some iron plates. If, like me, you are a lazy cheapskate who doesn’t want to spend hours in the gym AND you have the space, you may want to have a look.

That said there’s nothing revolutionary here, the novelty is basically in how quick and easy it is, compared with a lot of other approaches. As ever, talk to your doctor and if possible a proper strength coach before you start smashing iron into your floor. Your back will thank you.

Fun fact: The original article had a picture of me shirtless, but they cut that out. Not sure what to make of that :3

P.S I didn’t call it ‘ultimate’ (thanks, mysterious editor) – there are probably workouts that are ultimately better, but this works for me…

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