YAHOO NEWS – A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Culture


A guide I wrote for Yahoo News, which is a very short beginners guide to Twitter's unique culture, etiquette and language

I like writing for the Yahoo Contributor Network. It’s not really like a ‘regular’ freelance role, since they’re still not giving us an editorial contact to work with, but they’re no ‘content mill’ either. Plus there’s a consistant stream of work, which any freelance person would saw their left leg off for (Ok, they wouldn’t, but y’know what I mean.)

Here’s one about Twitter. Yes, YOU TOO can be a Twitterati, just as long as you follow some simple guidelines and stay the hell away from the dodgy links. Also, don’t feed the spammers, they’re shit.

Also the editing is a bit illogical sometimes. Why have they cut the ends off of some of my sentences? Who knows. This is the Yahoo MYSTERY and makes the writing experience all the more fun ^_^.

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